DACUM workshop

Results of the DACUM workshop 

led by Annett Hilpert , INBAS, June 2013:
What is DACUM?
DACUM stands for Develop A CUrriculuM. It is a method to analyze a job in order to find out what to teach. In the DACUM process, skilled workers identify duties, competences, knowledge, skills, tools and equipment that make up their job. They participate in a 1 or 2 day storyboarding workshop and are guided by a neutral trained facilitator. The DACUM method, originated from North America, is an internationally recognized technique. It provides a quick and thorough analysis, using the expertise of the workers. Trainers and researchers are not allowed to participate actively in the process. The DACUM method is a good way to find out, what is really going on in a job.

Participants: 7 experienced earthbuilders (1 of them specialised in moulded brick production, 1 of them also in sales of earthen materials): Frank Haverkamp (www.hasko-lehm.de), John Minolla (Lehmbau Fachwerkerhaltung, Dortmund), Lehmbau Gerhard Bocian (15848 Tauche / OT Sabroth), Thomas Bieseke (www.thomasbiesekebau.de), Árpád Biró (www.lehm-biro.de), Harry Unger (Unger GmbH & Co) 64646 Heppenheim / Bergstraße) and Torsten Selle (www.naturbau-selle.de).

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