MONO test 1

From the 10th until the 13th of June, members of MONO group gathered in Saint Etienne, France, for the first test of the MONO units.

Discussing evaluation in AFPA

Discussing evaluation in AFPA


AFPA organized this meeting and welcomed us in their buildings, with a day visit and work in “les jardins d’OASIS“, where earth was used to build offices with the help of AFPA.

Visiting rammed earth in Saint Just Saint Rambert

Visiting rammed earth in Saint Just Saint Rambert

What ?

The meeting aimed at discussing what are the core criteria that will be used to evaluate a candidate during a monolithic earthen walls masonry exam.

The framework already used for clay plaster’s validation (coming from previous Leonardo da Vinci projects) was accepted as a good base to build upon. It proposes to evaluate knowledge, skills and competencies to go through 3 exams : written, practical and oral. This first test meeting focused on the practical session, where skills are evaluated. Defining which skills are required at each concerned level (EQF 3&4) is required to evaluate as well as to organise the session.

Although the way to organize the exam was discussed to try to find out a way that would help assessing all skills needed, it was decided that the aim of the work was not to give rules on how to evaluate. Indeed, many different exam situations are implemented by the different partners who were attending the meeting and what came out is that it’s not possible to define rules for the organisation of the exam sessions that would fit with all different practices. As all skills can’t be evaluated during a practical exam, some will have to be evaluated through Q&A, during oral exam.


Q&A during practical exam

Q&A during practical exam

Proposal of criteria and indicators were prepared before the meeting and used as a basis, together with the proposal also made for BRICK units. AFPA organisers set up a fake exam session with 7 learners in “historic buildings masonry” based on that proposal. The 3 rammed earth walls built during the first day gave a great opportunity to share about evaluation practices and to try to apply some of the criteria and indicators. More than a real exam session, it provided an experimentation grounds that helped understanding each other and make clear the scope of evaluation criteria and indicators for skills.

These exchanges were completed during a day’s visit outside Saint Etienne, in Saint Just saint Rambert, where we completed the criteria and indicators for all MONO units with an additional transversal set.

Who ?

More than 20 people participated to the meeting and discussions, including 10 from PIRATE partners’ organisations.


Organisation (AFPA, P4) : Jean-Marc Mei, Michel Mourier

Other partners : Lydie Didier, Alexandre Douline, Jörg Depta, Serge Figeac, Piet Karlstedt , Paulina Faria, Rowland Keable, Grégoire Paccoud

From the region around Saint Etienne :

  • 6+3 afpa trainees (maçon du bâti ancien)
  • Formateur: Bruno Jalabert, (
  • Artisan: Johan DESPRES (
  • Secrétaire Général Capeb Loire: Gilles GALLET
  • Formateur afpa St Priest: François DURAND
  • Directeur du centre afpa de Saint Etienne et de Roanne : Laurent CLEMENCEAU
  • Manager de formation afpa St-Etienne: Régis DE-LATOUR
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