about PIRATE Project

PIRATE : A framework for learning and teaching earth building in Europe

General figures
Duration  01/10/2012 – 30/09/2015
General budget 532.724 euro
EC grant 399.524 euro (75%)
Partners co-financing 133.200 euro (25%)


For the first time, professionals of the construction sector and of VET and HE from 8 European countries analyse together the crafts and trades already or potentially using earth as a building material, with the aim to develop :

The consortium produces the following tools and resources:

  • a common-core syllabus for earthbuilding activities in traditional crafts and trades
  • a European-wide earth building matrix of ECVET units with assessment criteria, for EQF levels 3 to 6, both for earth bricks masonry and monolithic earth walls, available in 8 languages
  • guidelines for the process of certification in each participating country, and with qualification already launched in least in 3 countries (FR, DE, UK), with due respect to ECVET principles and quality standards.

Our units of learning outcomes, vehicles of new standards of competence needed by a growing market, will:

  • empower professionals, offer modular qualification, encourage employment opportunities and mobility, further skills training to help job search;
  • guide teachers when defining new content and assessment procedures, judging learners performance;
  • be a tool for certifying bodies when reviewing or creating qualifications, looking for transnational compatibility

Most PIRATE partners have contributed to other European funded projects with an earth building emphasis. The PIRATE workgroups will create links, share experience and accumulate results.