What is earth ?

Why is it possible to build with this material available all over the world under our feet ?

The soil used to build is the very same that you can walk on, only it is not the one in which you grow things : the earth we’re speaking about does not contain organic elements so as to avoid them rotting in the walls…

It is composed of various kinds and sizes of stones, gravels, sands, and of clay, all in very variable proportions. This means that the soils used in different locations are very different, sometimes even at the scale of a village.

Earth is a granular material, and it also contains water and air, between the grains. Its behaviors are therefore similar to concrete, such as much of the physics behind. The videos from amaco research project, down here, shed light on these mechanisms.

Download from craterre : booklet Grains de Bâtisseurs

More videos, presentations, papers about materials for construction on amaco website : www.amaco.org