What is built with earth ?

A journey through heritage and contemporary earthen architecture…

Discover all world heritage sites where earth is used, and more on earth architectures and events : cartoterra.net

Contemporary architects all over the world are more and more interested in rammed earth for the earth’s properties as well as for its æsthetics and symbolic values : mass, reference to geologic layers, hygrothermal comfort, low embodied energy, etc.

Yet other earth building techniques are not neglected, as shown in the following links and videos  !

Wang Shu, Pritzker 2012, built the Wa Shan guest house using rammed earth among other local materials and techniques. A Documentary is available on ArteTV about it.

Nunc architects conceived an archeological museum in Dehlingen using rammed earth.

Projects in southern countries by BASE Habitat can be checked here.


Conferences and discussions :

“unstabilized and modern” (earth and sustainability, 20 minutes video) : www.thenbs.com